College HELE

A Content Course in Bachelor in Elementary Education (General Curriculum)

Sample projects: papercrafts, bookmarks, banana cupcakes, and brownies.

This course intends to provide Elementary Education students of the Philippines quality technology and livelihood and education that will contribute to the maximum development to engage in entrepreneurial activities and enrich desirable values and attitudes to face economic competition. Values should be integrated in any topic whenever appropriate.

The syllabus used as reference in this online course conforms to CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 30 Series 2004 (Revised Policies and Standards for Undergraduate Teacher Education Curriculum), Bachelor in Elementary Education (General Curriculum) Content Course: Home Economics and Livelihood Education (3 units).  It was obtained from a PAASCU accredited, ISO 9001:2008 certified private college.

Detailed syllabi are usually developed by each college or university since they are authorized to exercise academic freedom. Schools would also consider the curriculum guidelines set by DepEd (K-12) and the exam coverage of LET. There is also annual monitoring of course offerings in colleges and universities by the CHED Regional Quality Assurance Team (RQAT). By year 2015, however, CHED aims to provide an updated BEEd General Curriculum with detailed syllabus for each prescribed content course.

This online course is limited to Philippine colleges or universities offering the same course to pre-service elementary teachers. This can also be used as an online course model and reviewer to those who intend to take the Licensure Exam for Teachers - Elementary (LET) in the future.

*** English - Filipino - Indonesian - Vietnamese - Burmese - Thai - Korean ***

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